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Long-distance motor races were becoming increasingly popular in the 1920s. Events such as the Le Mans and Spa 24-hours were already firmly established, and successfully exploited the growing appeal of motoring for the rich, who wanted to go racing, and the public, who wanted to watch.

Britain lagged behind. Whereas the Continental countries had access to sweeping open roads to create challenging circuits, competition on the public highway had already been banned in England. The only solution was closed-circuit racing … and only one suitable venue existed – Brooklands.

This book is the first to provide a detailed history of the long-distance races that were staged on the famous banked circuit between the two World Wars. They were a challenge, not only for the for the competitors, who had to contend with artificial chicanes that rendered the track more akin to a road circuit, but also for the organisers, who faced local opposition that restricted racing hours to the daylight hours.

The text is generously illustrated with period photographs, not only of each specific race but also some chosen to convey the atmosphere, character and history of Brooklands. Detailed diagrams show the variations of circuit layouts used, while there are chapters listing interesting facts that “followed on” from the races, as well as some of the production cars which subsequently, and proudly, adopted the name “Brooklands” to emphasise their sporting nature.

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